Memorial Day


We at 360Cowboys are sending our wishes for a happy holiday to you, fellow followers of America’s Team. Each year at this time, we are reminded to celebrate those in our lives who have passed.

It seems like a silly tradition. The reason is this, those who are close to us that have passed, are in our hearts each and every day. This is a good thing!

What seems amiss is that we do not have a special day for those who are still alive, but forgotten. It is my proposal that we set aside a couple days for the people who are alone, one in winter, one in summer.

This does not mean we should replace the Memorial Day Holiday, it just means we should be conscience of those who are alone and suffering with life’s hardships.

This will mean giving of one’s time to someone who is still breathing the earth’s oxygen, yet perhaps, does not have the same quality of life that we worship on a daily basis.Jerry Jones

On Memorial Day, we shed tears for those of us who have made it to the other side. Maybe, starting this year, you will find it in your hearts to reach out to those less fortunate, give them some encouragement and some love.

Remember, they are here now, it is not too late to give the old, sick, or alone a day to reap the bounty that most of us take for granted, even if they are not Dallas Cowboy fans.

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