One Step Forward-Two Steps Back


We all know the woes of last season’s defense. Okay. Last year’s performance has left everyone wondering, “What has happened to Bruce Carter?”

From week to week, play to play, one must wonder what has happened to “our” Bruce Carter. One play you see him chasing down Nick Foles, looking every bit the playmaker we have expected him to be, next play he is in coverage and it shows that he has completely lost his way.

Carter seemed comfortable when he had Sean Lee on the field beside him, when playing the run, but still seemed lost when he had to cover a receiver. He was not the inspiration for the defense that he was the past season before his injury. Was his injury the cause for his mediocre play?

Did the switch from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense corrupt his cognitive skills? I recall the play where he is in coverage, the tight end catches the ball, falls down, and an absent-minded Bruce Carter does not bother to touch the tight end to make sure the play is over. Then, he watches the receiver get up and run the ball down the field and in for a touchdown. He has to understand that he must play until the whistle blows. I was wondering if he suffered a concussion on an earlier play. I would have sent him to the bench after such a bone headed play, or lack of a play to be more exact.

Perhaps the fault lies with linebacker’s coach Matt Eberflus for not having Carter prepared and properly motivated. I do not believe in this theory. Maybe moving Carter to the Mike position after Sean Lee’s injury would have been a better coaching move.

It seemed like Bruce Carter took plays off. Before the start of last season, he was considered quite good in coverage. In 2013, his play declined. He seemed to be out of position on plays and lost in coverage.

If Carter fails to return to form, DeVonte Holloman is hungry for a starting job and we will certainly draft at least one linebacker to challenge for Carter’s spot in the starting lineup. While I hope Bruce Carter can bounce back and be the player he was in 2012 and during is time in college, if he fails to bring his best game this year, look for a major change in his job description.

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