All Quiet in Big D


Off-season equals another week with nothing much to tell you.   We did not land Jared Allen, but you already knew this.  Management seems to be holding to their decision not to spend big money on the thirty and over club.

With that said, we did receive three compensatory picks for the May 8th draft.  That brings the total amount of picks to 11.   Days like these are when you find out if the team’s scouts have really earned their pay in the past season of college football.  It will be the outcome of picks 229-231-238-248-251-254 that will determine their value.  Not all the good players will come from the “big” schools.  There are plenty of “gems” out there at the smaller schools who deserve a chance to bring their talents to the NFL, but more importantly, to the Dallas Cowboys.

We will continue to keep you updated on any progress between now and the draft.  Go Cowboys!

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