A Lesson for All Romo Haters


There are those of you out there, fans and haters alike, who like to take shots at Tony Romo.

I have loved the Dallas Cowboys since 1967. I have seen many quarterbacks come and go in that time. I have been privileged to see the magic of Roger Staubach, the command of the game that Troy Aikman possessed and recently the ever-elusive Tony Romo.

Along with that bunch of players, I have also witnessed the disasters that were named Quincy Carter, Steve Pelluer, Gary Hogeboom, Vinny Testaverde, Anthony Wright, Brian Johnson and Ryan Leaf, all of whom had more interceptions than touchdowns.

Of the big three, Romo was the only one not drafted by Dallas. Tony Romo was a free agent recruited by Sean Payton.

Troy leads in all time passing attempts by 940 and has played four more years than Romo and one more year than Staubach. By the way, Romo is second in this group with 3,775 attempts, which are 817 more than Staubach attempted in three more years with the team.

Tony leads them all in passing percentage with 64.6% completions, followed by Aikman (61.5%) and Staubach with 57%.

Tony  leads the group in average yards per pass with 7.83, followed by Staubach with 7.67, and Aikman with 6.99.

Tony also leads the group with touchdowns with 208, leading all Cowboy quarterbacks, followed by Aikman who had 43 less touchdowns (and remember Troy had 940 more passing attempts than Tony), and Staubach’s 153 touchdowns coming in third, 55 behind Romo.

Again, Troy had 940 more passing attempts and he led the group with 141 interceptions (40 more than Romo) and Staubach who had 817 less passing attempts than Romo, had 109 interceptions, 8 more than Romo.

In the race for the quarterback ratings, Romo easily leads with a 95.8, Staubach 83.4 and Aikman with 81.6.

I can remember being surrounded by Minnesota Viking fans screaming at the top of my lungs, “Put in that kid from Eastern Illinois.” I was the only one in the whole section sporting a Dallas Cowboys jacket. It was a real heart jerker to get to see my favorite sport ever, with Quincy Carter leading America’s team.

Tony Romo has brought excitement back to the quarterback position and with all the pressures of being the Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback; he has done it with style. Tony Romo has played through a punctured lung, broken ribs and a herniated disk. He is the only quarterback in Cowboy’s history to take every single snap in a regular season. Romo is tough, tough, tough.

Staubach and Aikman’s teams won the big one. That little word, “team”, should say everything that the stats do not. Neither Roger Staubach nor Troy Aikman won a single Super Bowl by himself! In the same logical manner, Tony Romo has not lost games all by himself; it takes a team effort to win or to lose. We love you Tony Romo!

source:  www.footballdb.com/teams/nfl/dallascowboys/alltime-passing


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