What’s it all Worth?


With the start of  NFL’s Free Agency nearing, March 11th, there seems to be a flood of players desiring to test the waters.

Dallas will have many choices to make.

What is a thirty-something year old player really worth?  After all, how many years does a defensive lineman, who is already turning thirty-something, have left in the tank?

It will be interesting to see what kind of dollars Red Bryant, Jared Allen, Shaun Phillips, Anthony Spencer and Jason Hatcher will demand.  It will be even more interesting to see what other teams will be willing to spend on a thirty-something year old Free Agent.  Which Free Agents will be caught up in the CBA’s riptide?  The CBA opens the door, wide, to bring in younger, fresh bodies for less money than what Free Agents may be demanding.

It is all a gamble.  There simply are no guarantees that any player will perform up to his pay level.

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