Winter Time Football


The NFL season has been over for more than three weeks now.  For Cowboy fans, it has been so much longer.

Even though the season is over, there are still things Cowboy fans can do for their football fix.  There was the preparation for the Senior Bowl on the NFL Network.  Now, there is the NFL Combine, and Pro Days are soon to follow, then the long awaited draft on May 8th.

I know fans are screaming for defense in this draft, but I am not certain that this will pan out.  I am not even sure it is the emergency everyone seems to think it is.

It all has to do with what the team is able to work out with Jason Hatcher, DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer.  If there were a way to make them all happy to be Cowboys, and be healthy, we would not be in too bad of a condition.  We still have Tyrone Crawford and Ben Bass returning from injuries.  George Selvie and Nick Hayden would make good rotational players and what about the possibility of Josh Brent returning to this defense?  If the pass rush is good, the backend will play better.

What I have seen from the prospects in the last few weeks makes me think that maybe we could go a different direction with our early picks.

I really like what I have seen from Zack Martin.  I think we could land him in the first round and really make the competition for the offensive line a joy to behold.  Last year, Tony had as much protection as he has ever had here in Dallas.  One more versatile offensive lineman would be great!

I was also impressed with Odell Beckham from LSU.  He has good speed, good hands and can be an addition to special teams.  Unfortunately, I do not think he will be around for our second pick.

We could use some depth at linebacker and I think we can get that with our number two pick.  I think we are better off at safety then everyone believes.  Barry Church had an amazing season, considering recovering from Achilles surgery and J J Wilcox will be better in his second season.

A quarterback to develop can be picked up later in the draft.  I think Jimmy Garoppolo will be around in the fourth round or perhaps Logan Thomas.  This should be fun!

I think Scandrick and Claiborne will have good years, but we need to keep Sterling Moore on the roster.  If Brandon Carr can have a comeback season, we should be fine on the backend.  Again, if the defensive line allows the opposing quarterback seven or more seconds in the pocket, it will not matter who is back there.

This will be a deep draft as far as wide outs go, but the Cowboys are not desperate for another wide receiver, even if they release Miles Austin.  It will depend on who is available when we get to the third round or even later.

The defensive players have yet to compete at the Combine, and maybe my opinion will change after watching them in the next two days.

Anyway, we as fans will hope for a great draft and a little progress signing our own free agents.

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