New Coordinator In Town?


Rumors are swirling around Arlington that the Dallas Cowboys might bring in Scott Linehan to help with the play-calling.  Linehan has experience as an OC in the past with the Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, and Minnesota Vikings.

While he did a fairly good job of maximizing Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford’s potential in Detroit, his hiring would bring a bit of chaos into the Cowboys play-calling structure.  Jerry Jones has already confirmed that current OC Bill Callahan will be back for the 2014 season and   because of that it’s unclear as to what role Linehan would fill.

Either way the Cowboys have to do a better job at giving DeMarco Murray the ball and it all starts with the OC.  Callahan all but refused to call run plays last season and when he did, Tony Romo audibled out of most of them.

If Linehan can do the job then hat’s off to him.  But if he stumbles, it will most likely be because of Jerry’s insistence on keeping Callahan around for another season.


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