Gavin Escobar: Bust Or Steal?


The second round of the NFL draft is always full of surprises as teams will sometimes select players who are not high up on the “expert’s” draft boards.  Unfortunately, there have been some bad picks as well and the Dallas Cowboys are no strangers to that.

Before the 2013 draft Jerry Jones fell in love with a 6’6 tight end from San Diego State named Gavin Escobar.  Escobar’s size and speed garnered comparisons to some dude in New England named Rob Gronkowski and Jerry took the bait.  Escobar was drafted 47th overall, much to the consternation of fans and strange looks by draft experts.

Fast-forward to December 29th when the Cowboys were playing the Eagles in the winner take-all game.  Escobar put the Cowboys on the board in the 2nd quarter with a touchdown that involved him flipping into the end zone over an Eagle defender.  While it was a spectacular touchdown, that was only the 2nd time all season that Escobar had scored.  He never had a game in which he caught more than three passes and was demoted to the 3rd tight end behind James Hanna (who was drafted in the 6th round the year before).

Granted Escobar didn’t have a chance to get most of the looks from Tony Romo because Jason Witten is still Romo’s favorite tight end.  But even when he was given opportunities, Escobar failed to make the most of them.  As Witten approaches 32 years of age, Escobar needs to pick up the slack or he will be known (along with Martellus Bennett) as one of the draft busts of the Jerry Jones era.

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