Should The Playoffs Be Expanded?


Once again the Dallas Cowboys are the laughingstock of the NFL as they missed the playoffs for the 4th year in a row.  Then to top it all off, owner/GM Jerry Jones made his team look foolish as he lobbied for an expanded playoffs after their loss.

Jones was quoted last Friday on a local radio station, 105.3 The Fan saying: “From the standpoint of looking at how exciting it is for a city or a community to be involved in the playoffs and the fact that you can have a team that might have literally operated at .500 or in that area … you can have that team win the Super Bowl.”

It’s very clear that Jerry Jones is more concerned about the business aspect of football instead of winning games.  Yes AT&T Stadium is huge and brings him a lot of money, but fancy stadiums don’t win games.  Any GM who lobbies the media for more teams to be added to the playoffs a week after they are knocked out of contention looks like a whiner.

Jerry had a bad year with the inability of his handpicked coach (Jason Garrett) to come through in late game situations and the terrible job new DC Monte Kiffin did in his first season.  Now it seems like he is just trying to save face.

Jerry Jones is a great businessman, but not a good general manager.  Until he releases some of his control on the day-to-day football operations, the Cowboys will not win a Super Bowl.


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