Is Jerry Jones satisfied with these results?


After starting the first half of Sunday’s game by dominating the Packers, the Cowboys once again forgot that games in the NFL last for 60 minutes.  For the third game in a row, they just abandoned the running game.  After all, DeMarco Murray was only gaining over seven yards a carry.

The Cowboys had chances to stop a couple of Green Bay’s drives but failed to catch the possible interceptions and opened the door for the Packers to get back in the game.  This was one of the most disappointing efforts, of the three games decided by one point, this season.

Poor clock management, poor execution, and two Tony Romo interceptions left the fans wondering, “When will we get a change?”  Why not use DeMarco Murray to wear down the opponent’s defense?   Too many times this season the Cowboys “just let one get away.”  Jerry Jones needs to hear the fans complaints.

Jerry Jones may be so “rich” that he does not care about winning.  Cowboy fans pour their “hearts and souls” into these games, only to end the day feeling as empty as Jerry’s excuses.

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