Week 15, Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys


On Sunday, week 15, the Dallas Cowboys welcome the Green Bay Packers into AT&T Stadium. The last time the Packers played on this field was when they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl. This is not the Super Bowl caliber team the Packers brought to AT&T Stadium the last time.

A rash of injuries has devastated both teams. It seems unlikely that Aaron Rodgers will be starting this game. Across from the Packer’s offensive unit, there is plenty of concern about the health of middle linebacker Sean Lee. Sean has a neck strain, how effective he will be remains to be seen.

The Cowboys should have an improved pass rush with the return of Edgar Jones to the defensive line rotation. I think this will benefit DeMarcus Ware the most. Against the Chicago Bears, the defensive line looked out of breath. They did not control their gaps and they looked like a “whipped group.” They did not hustle to the ball. They will need a better effort this week against the Packer’s Eddie Lacy.

The Cowboys should not be dropping Hatcher into pass coverage! When a team cannot apply any sort of pass rush, a good coach does not drop their best pass rusher into coverage. The linebackers, Sean Lee and Justin Durant will see many different faces lining up with them on Sunday. Ernie Sims has played hard. He just has not performed at a high enough level to be one of the starters. DeVonte Holloman could provide a much-needed spark for this group. And this game provides the perfect opportunity to bet at william hill.

Expect to see Barry Church up in the box, a lot, to help with run support. The Cowboys will need to play more man-to-man coverage in the secondary and less zone defense. Brandon Carr and Orlando Scandrick will have to play physical man to man and keep Jordy Nelson and James Jones off their routes.

The Dallas offense will have to maintain ball control and score on nearly every offensive possession if this team has any hope of moving forward. Maybe, this will be the week the Cowboys put it all together, score 40 points, and hold their opponents to under 24 points.

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