This One Really Hurts!


Although this defense is the worst in the league, I do not think anyone anticipated them being scored upon on every possession Monday night.  This is becoming routine.  When the New Orleans Saints scored at will against this defense, then, rather than now, was the time to make a change.  What more can be said about trying the same experiment over and over again, and expecting a different outcome?

Everyone is so quick to blame Tony Romo for these December woes.  The other twenty-one-plus players have to do their jobs.  The coaching staff has to have their players ready to play each week.  The trainers are to make sure these players are ready to play each game and have failed miserably.

The takeaways do not equal all the yards and points this team has surrendered.  Dallas’s defense has been in the “prevent” formation.   The defensive line has prevented making any sacks or even applying decent quarterback pressures.  This causes excessive pressure on the secondary to provide perfect coverage, and they have not been able to so.

The look on Sean Lee’s face says it all.  This defense is broken.

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