Something to be Thankful for


The entire Dallas Cowboy’s family, fans, employees and players alike, were thankful for Sunday’s win over the New York Giants.  It is time to move on.

This week AT&T stadium welcomes in the Oakland Raiders.  It is a very short week for both teams.

Dallas is going to have to find a way for the defensive linemen and linebackers to get off their blocks better.  With Sean Lee likely out, again, the linebackers are going to have to win in the battle of the gaps.

It is also important that the Cowboy’s offense protects the ball.  There were too many drops last game.  After all, the game will be in AT&T stadium and it certainly will not be as cold as MetLife stadium was.

Sterling Moore will add a little experienced depth for the secondary.  We need to see more from DeMarcus Ware and George Selvie.  Jason Hatcher will help put pressure on the quarterback.  The Cowboys need more out of Nick Hayden.

Dallas will be without Sean Lee, Justin Durant, Dwayne Harris and Mo Claiborne.  This might be a chance to get Orie Lemon on the field, on special teams and as a linebacker.  The phrase of the season remains, “Next man up.”

Look for lots of passing from Tony Romo.  Tony will need to have a good game, soften up the defensive line, and slow down the blitz with some big plays downfield.  If the Cowboys are able to gain a lead early, it will give DeMarco Murray a larger share of the ball handling responsibilities.

At the end of the day, we will all be thankful for our country’s veterans, for the graces we are given, and for America’s team to escape the game without any major injuries.

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