Is Complacency Setting In?


For the Dallas Cowboys, the mantra has always been that anything short of a championship is a failure. Like with many of the most recognized and popular sports teams, this is the quest for true champions. The New York Yankees, Montreal Canadiens, Los Angeles Lakers, and Manchester United are teams that come to mind when it comes to consistent hunger for a championship. For the Cowboys, lately this has not been the case. While the Cowboys have missed the playoffs since 2009, and have not advanced to the NFC Championship Game in over a decade, the players seem comfortable in their roles with the team.

Although some coaches have been shown the door, the players have not had to face the wrath of alleged winner Jerry Jones, which could either show that he has lost his nerve or the players simply do not care anymore. No Cowboys have been cut for performance based reasons, nor has word arisen of any position battles for this upcoming season. For a team that has failed so publicly so many times in the recent past, this is completely unacceptable. The late great George Steinbrenner would have had heads rolling around Yankee Stadium with these consistent failures, but Jones seems to be ok with it. For Cowboys fans, this has to be unnerving and extremely frustrating, so if anyone has any comments or suggestions for the incomparable Jerry Jones, please post them in the comments section below.

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