Cowboys Cap Issues


The Dallas Cowboys currently find themselves in a bit of a tight spot. For one of the most highly valued franchises in all of sports, the Cowboys are a victim of the salary cap, as they currently sit almost $20 million over the cap. They will have some serious decisions to make, such as how to restructure Miles Austin’s contract and what decisions to make to let people go. We have seen some tough cuts around the league so far, from Ahmad Bradshaw to Dwight Freeney, so anyone could be next.

Cowboys fans, what suggestions would you make if you had the chance to talk to Jerry Jones? Should they keep Austin at all, or ask him to take a significant pay cut? Their current situation also makes it difficult to sign free agents, most of which make their decisions based off of how much money they can get. With the Cowboys in this bind, we’d like to know what you would do if you put the GM cap on. Post your comments below and let us know!

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