Jerry Shows Signs of Improvement


This week, the Cowboys informed the media about who was really behind the coaching changes that have taken place thus far in the offseason. To everyone’s surprise, Jason Garrett was the one who requested certain coaches, as well as certain types of people he would work with; at least that’s how it went down according to Jerry Jones. While we may never know how much pull Garrett really had, it appears that Jones is on the track to finally relinquishing some power he has had over the organization for many years.

Jones also said Garrett asked for certain people and that he complied because he is excited to have Garrett on board for years to come. This could be typical rhetoric, as we have known Jones to fire coaches he put his faith in previously, but Jones has always admired Garrett and could be behind him 100%. This is an interesting development in the Jerry Jones era, and we will have to see how long this lasts. Until then, Cowboys fans should embrace the hope that Jones will finally view the team as anything other than a dictatorship.

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