Ratliff Arrested for DWI


Photo by: Matt Pearce/Icon SMI

It continually boggles my mind to think that after everything that has happened to people driving drunk that high profile athletes do not think enough to arrange a ride home or call a cab. Despite everything that happened with former Dallas Cowboys lineman Josh Brent driving under the influence and killing teammate Jerry Brown, fellow defensive tackle Jay Ratliff was just arrested after crashing into an 18 wheeler late at night. No one was injured, but Ratliff failed three field sobriety tests and was subsequently arrested.

For all the money they make and lives that depend on them, some athletes simply do not understand that they are not invincible. With all the money Ratliff makes, it would not be difficult nor imposing on his lifestyle for him to call a cab to get a ride home. Or maybe he could call the 50+ teammates that share the Dallas Cowboys name. Instead, he risked his life and his livelihood for no apparent reason. It remains to be seen what the repercussions will be following this move, but the result can not be good. You would think that after seeing a teammate die at the hands of a drunk driver, Ratliff would exercise better judgment, but you would be wrong.

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