Cowboys Fans: Speak Up


Alright everyone, it is the fans’ turn (see what I did there?) to voice your opinions on what should happen to the Cowboys roster, ownership, and coaching staffs this offseason. With the Cowboys fresh off of another devastating week 17 loss to knock themselves out of the playoffs, Dallas is in need of a shake-up to get over the hump. This week, ownership and players alike said they felt they were close to the playoffs, but as all of you know close just doesn’t cut it in the NFL. The ultimate “what have you done for me lately” league, the NFL is not one to take pity on the teams that did not meet their expectations, and neither should the fans.

Whether it is getting rid of Tony Romo, or Jerry Jones finally hiring a general manager, what should Dallas do to re-tool for next year? Leave your opinion in the comments section underneath this post, and let us know what changes need to be made, what improvements you saw, and how you feel about 2013. Thanks again for reading, and as always, enjoy your week and happy New Year!

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