Dez Bryant Toughs It Out


Photo by: Rich Kane/Icon SMI

The big news this week in Dallas was the health of star wide receiver Dez Bryant. In last week’s win over the Bengals, Bryant injured his left index finger, with the ultimate diagnosis being a fractured index finger. Many people thought that Bryant would have to get surgery, and would miss the rest of the season. With the news going public, however, Bryant may have felt pressured to play through the injury, which may not be the best idea. What most athletes worry about with injuries is the long-term effect of playing through it. In Bryant’s case, a re-injury could result in permanent stiffness in his finger, which could hurt his ability to catch passes in the future. Nonetheless, he appears to be sticking it out, though it remains to be seen how effective he will be.

Bryant is definitely an important piece to the Cowboys puzzle, and losing him would be a tremendous blow to the offense. Dez has become Tony Romo’s favorite target, and is his go to guy in big situations or when a big play is needed. For the most part he has come through, with the occasional dropped pass or ever so close call. While there is no doubt Dallas needs him to produce through the rest of the season and potentially into the playoffs, Jerry Jones and the coaches must be concerned with his future health as well. If the diagnosis were that there was no way to further injure the finger, that would be one thing. A fracture on the other hand is quite different. The Cowboys will surely monitor his progress and pain levels as the weeks progress, but this is a situation to track for the rest of the season and for the future of Dez Bryant as well.

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