Jerry Needs A Wake-Up Call


Photo by: Jerome Davis/Icon SMI

With the news this week that Jerry Jones will never cede any of his control over the Dallas Cowboys, it became clear that he no longer gets it. For a while, it seemed like Jones was in it for the good of the organization; him being GM and owner was all okay because he would make the decisions to help the Cowboys. With this recent revelation, however, his regime suddenly has a different feel about it. Dallas is struggling this year, at 3-5 and heading in the wrong direction, and it would make sense for Jones to finally reveal that he could use some help. It has been 17 years since the Cowboys won the Super Bowl, and they have not won a playoff game since 2010, and that was the first one since 1996. Times sure are sour in the Big D, and if Jerry Jones admitted he could use a fresh pair of eyes, no one would blame him. Instead, he made it clear that the focus is now all about him, and he will selfishly keep driving his team into the ground rather than give up any control.

This is the same reason that he was at odds with Jimmy Johnson, the Cowboys legendary coach who won two Super Bowls in the early 90’s. Johnson made several smart moves and took control of many of the football operations of the Cowboys. Eventually, Jerry Jones could not deal with that anymore and as a result Johnson left. The Cowboys won another Super Bowl in 1995 but since then they have only won two playoff games, and the brunt of the blame should be on Jones’ shoulders. He has made questionable decisions: from trading for Roy Williams to signing Terrell Owens, Jones’ ability to get value out of his draft picks and trades has washed up in the past ¬†few years. It is time for Jones to get some help, or the Cowboys could see another 17 years pass without another Super Bowl win.

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