Dallas Cowboys Hope to Shake Off Last Weeks Loss with a Victory Over the Panthers in Week 7


Photo by: Chris Keane/Icon SMI

Last week the Dallas Cowboys suffered a defeat to the Baltimore Ravens, but it wasn’t the defeat that has the Cowboys fan base shaken up, it was the way they lost. Had you told any Dallas Cowboys fan that they lost to the now 5-1 Ravens, it would be a loss you could live with, but add in the details and suddenly it makes you question the teams backbone.

For those who missed it, or those with selective memory, allow me to remind you about how it went down, with 36 seconds left in the game, the Dallas Cowboys score a touchdown via a pass from Tony Romo to Dez Bryant, who was having a career game up until that point, the score brought them to within two points. On the two-point conversion the Cowboys ran a similar play that worked for the touchdown, only this time the ball went right through Dez Bryant’s hands. Fortunately, the Cowboys recovered the onside kick, and on the first play they were able to draw a pass interference and were in field goal range with 30 seconds left and one timeout. So what do the Cowboys do, they complete a one yard pass and let the clock run down to 6 seconds before using the timeout and sending Bailey out for a 51-yard attempt. And as we all know, he missed it and the Ravens won the game. I’m sure if the Cowboys are ever in that situation again it will be managed much differently, but now it’s time for someone to pay, and that someone is the Carolina Panthers.

The Carolina Panthers are 1-4, riding a 3 game losing streak, but are also coming off their bye week. The bye week is important because it allowed for them to get rest and they had an additional week to prepare for the Dallas Cowboys. This is a game that the Cowboys should win, and with running back, DeMarco Murray, out for the game, Dallas will need to utilize their passing game. However, Dez Bryant is questionable due to a groin injury, so if he is limited at all, Miles Austin and Jason Witten will need to step up and make some plays to help the Cowboys move the ball and hopefully improve their record to 3-3. Additionally, they will need to Contain Cam Newton, he hasn’t had many electrifying games this year, and that worries us, because he is overdue!

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