Cowboys Need To Get Things Going On Offense


After a long Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Cowboys finally made enough points to ice the game in the fourth quarter.  This was after they blew a bunch of opportunities to go up and blow out a Tampa Bay team that could not score points.  The Cowboys blew most of their opportunities on Sunday because they just could not get into a rhythm on offense.  They will certainly need to fix this if they wish to defeat the equally as disappointing Chicago Bears.  Making your NFL picks for this game will surely be tough.

One of the main reasons the Cowboys have been so lackluster this season on offense is the fact that they have far too many dropped balls.  The main person responsible for this is one Jason Witten.  Coming off a spleen injury in preseason, Witten has just not looked the same since and has been playing at a fraction of his true potential.  The drops he’s made have resulted in drive ending moments that shift the entire momentum of the game.  They will need to tighten things up on this end if they wish to succeed against Chicago on Monday.

Another reason the Cowboys have looked so terrible on offense over the course of the season has been their embarrassing offensive line.  Quarterback Tony Romo rarely has time to make a smart decision and often ends up on his back because of blown coverage on blitzes.  The O Line will need to step it up if he does not want to end up on his back again this coming week.  They simply need to start playing at the best of their abilities.

The Cowboys are favored at -3 this coming week.  The only way they have a chance of covering that spread, or even winning for that matter, is if they can start catching everything and protecting Romo at any cost.

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