Cowboys will have easy week in Seattle


The Cowboys proved one thing last Wednesday in New York, that being that they are one of the elite teams in the NFC.  With an improving defense and offensive line that should be able to protect Tony Romo, the skies the limit for this Dallas team.  They will have no trouble covering against a young Seattle Seahawks team that looked subpar at best in a losing effort against Arizona last Sunday.

If you are counting down the list of quarterbacks that have been unfairly criticized over the years, Romo should top the list.  A dynamic quarterback that consistently moved the ball down the field, Romo was constantly ridiculed for things that were either his offensive line or defenses faults.  That does not seem to be the case this year as the Boys have made changes that could put them into Super Bowl contention.  Romo looks as good as ever and is looking to silence all the critics and doubters who simply do not know enough about football to see what he has done for this Dallas team.

Another great commodity on the Dallas offense has been DeMarco Murray.  Taking over the starting job from Felix Jones, Murray has made an impact with most every play he has been in.  He has ways of turning losing yardage into twenty yard gains with his power and speed and does not look to be easing up any time soon.  Hopefully the Cowboys will take more carries from Jones in the coming weeks and give them to Murray.  This will certainly help the team move the ball up the field.

When it comes to their game against the Seahawks this Sunday, the Cowboys have way too many ways to move the ball for the Seahawks to even have a chance.

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