4-0 Lions Make Big Comeback To Beat The Cowboys


Dallas was up big.  It looked like this game was in hand.  Being up by as much as 24 Cowboy fans had to have been feeling confident about this game right?   The 24 point lead was not enough as the Lions fought back to get the win.  The lions are 4-0 and one of the biggest surprise stories of the NFL this season. 

The Lions who most people thought were going to have a better year than past seasons are undefeated after 4 weeks.  I m not sure anyone really could have saw that coming.  They made another big comeback for the second straight week.  Also the Cowboys blew another big lead.  We all remember week 1 when the cowboys blew the 14 point lead to the Jets.  This is even worse though.  The cowboys now dropped to 2-2.

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