Big Emotions In NY As Jets Soar Past Cowboys


Anyone who went to bed or who changed the channel at the end of the 3rd quarter of Sunday night’s game thinking the Cowboys were going to cruise to a 1-0 start, missed a fantastic finish and probably woke up thinking the Cowboys won.  But this game just meant too much to the NY Jets and everyone in the NY/NJ area.  On the 10 year anniversary of 9/11/2001, there was just too much emotion involved and the Cowboys might have been matched up with the Jets on the wrong day.  This was a game NY was destined to win for the city no matter what. 

Many fans are going to say that Tony Romo handed this game to the Jets.  It’s true that Romo fell apart and he looked like night and day for the first 3 quarters compared to the 4th but I’m not going to blame it all on Romo (this time).  Instead I’m going to give credit where it is deserved and that is to the ferocious, inevitable comeback of the NY Jets.  There was just something bigger going on here.  Bigger than the Cowboys, (maybe not everything is bigger in Texas), bigger than the Jets. 

Social networking sites were blowing up with comments proclaiming the game over, the Jets are once again all hype, and more ridiculous statements.  But anyone who watched the Jets last year should have known that the Jets will never quit and often find a way back into games.  The Jets always seem to edge opponents with their special teams, and a blocked punt returned for 6 in the 4th gave the Jets a huge boost and helped steal much of the momentum the Cowboys built through the first 3 quarters.  A late interception by Darrelle Revis , the best player on the field Sunday night, set up the game winning field goal by Nick Folk.  So Romo will get blamed for blowing this game, but it would be very hard to find a QB who was going to beat the Jets on this emotional night for NY.

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